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Hardwood Flooring Done Right?
We are passionate contractors that have the experience to make your living space simply fabulous. We use only the best quality tools for Flooring Refinishing, and Repair. We also take special care to ensure a safe, clean, and eco-friendly work environment that will increase your property's appearance in no time…
What You're Going To Get With 
365 Woodworking Inc...

High Quality Work

Their hardwood collection features an engineered construction, with cuts of rich, beautiful wood layered over sustainable foundations. This way, each tree yields 4x as much flooring with expanded dimensions, and planks enjoy boosted stability from renewable species like acacia and eucalyptus. We here at 365 Woodworking Inc. do not believe in cutting corners…

Jaw-Dropping Custom Flooring

We take time and care to create the one of a kind rustic beauty that Hardwood flooring offers. Our work always looks original and creates the added charm to the rustic look making your property a true one of a kind that others will be at a loss of words for.

We'll Save You Time & Hassle

What makes us even more unique is that we offer superior customer support to our clients, years of servers, top-tier craftsmanship, and our friendly staff. Our goal is simple “Save you time and hassle of renting tools, hours of frustration looking for the right company and material; all while offering you a seamless process that gives you amazing results”.
Here Are Some Of Our Previous Work

We offer a wide range of Quality Wood Flooring as well as Professional Installation, Restoration, Repair, and Refinishing of Hardwood Flooring in Toronto and the GTA

Custom Stair
Hardwood Installation
Stairs Refinishing
Flush Vents
Vinyl Floor Installation
Sand And Refinish Floors
Pros Of Our Service
365 Woodworking Inc. Dedicated to installing the highest-quality flooring....
  • A large variety of design options
  • Large selection of wood trims
  • Very easy to repair if damaged after insulation
  • ​Clear communication
  • Allows access to Eco-friendly materials
  • ​Far less flexing due to our unique insulation process
  • ​Durable under heavyweight
  • ​Increase home value
As you can see there is only one choice that is the best choice and that is 365 Woodworking Inc.
Are you ready to take your home to a whole new level?
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